Solar panels

Do you want to reduce your electricity costs? Why not take advantage of the 300 days of sunshine in the Algarve? Our business partner specializes in photovoltaic systems (solar energy) to relieve the electricity grid with energy from the sun. With more than 15 years of experience, they specialize in supplying solutions from leading manufacturers such as Sharp, SMA, Kostal LG, and RCT. They can provide solutions from 1kw to 200kw or more and offer both on-grid and off-grid solutions with the option of Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries supplied by leading suppliers such as BYD, LG, RCT, or Meterboost. Are you ready to move to clean energy?

Request Certificado Energetico (energy certificate)

If you are considering selling or renting out your house or business premises, it is required by law to provide information on the energy efficiency of the property. The energy certificate assesses this energy efficiency and can only be issued by authorized technicians.

Car rental

Choosing a good car rental company can be a daunting task, but Algarve Well makes it easy. With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, you will find the perfect car for your trip with our business partner. Our business partner offers competitive rates, and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist you in choosing the best car for your needs. You can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all vehicles are properly and regularly maintained. The rental process is easy, and everything is explained to you so you feel confident and prepared.

Removal Services

Moving from, to, or within Portugal? Our business partners are happy to assist you with your relocation. Request a free quote.

Relocation Guide

Do you want to buy a house in Portugal, but you don’t know the best place to live for you? Our Portuguese relocation guide will lead you around based on knowledge and own experiences in areas that interest you. Our Portuguese relocation guide can show you locations based on you, your lifestyle and wishes.

Translation help / Language teacher

Immigration involves a lot, and if you don’t speak the Portuguese language, it’s always nice to have someone translate or even going with you to an agency to help.
Would you like to learn portuguese with professionally qualified teachers on any location, privately or in a group? Whatever your level, beginner advanced. The Portuguese teachers will help you get better.

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